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27 December 2015 @ 03:28 pm
I want you to stay  

Audiokommentar (2015) von Sänger Paul Smith:

“I Want You To Stay” is … quite an odd song really because it goes from something quite robotic and staccato in the verse, possibly due to [keyboarder] Lukas [Wooller] being the writer of the music and he’s quite a robotic chap on the stage (as you might have seen) and it explodes to quite a soaring chorus and the bridge we wrote pretty much in the studio after Paul Epworth (our producer) said, it needs an extra section to kind of join things up and he was quite right so me and Lukas went into another room and had a bit of a mess around while he was playing the synth and everything seemed to fit perfectly in the end. And it builds up to quite a big finish and it’s full of the emotion that defines the record, really … a kind of yearning for something and a feeling of escape which I’ve discussed on some of the other songs that are on the record. And it’s a kind of yearning for a bigger place than where you are. I moved from a small town to Newcastle and it has that kind of bright-light-big-city-aspect to the music but also it’s a yearning for somebody within that big city environment.

Manchmal verändert so ein Satz so viel und ich höre danach etwas ganz anderes in einem Lied, obwohl ich es sowieso schon ein langjähriger Lieblingssong ist. Kennt ihr andere Lieder mit dem bright-light-big-city-aspect?